Rice Bistro Restaurant

Our story is simple! We tell our story through the food and serve. Delivery the happiness!

The original Rice Bistro started in 1994 in Old Quarter, Hanoi. Our restaurant is where you can enjoy an exclusive experience of the Vietnamese culinary tradition redefined with Western flair. Inspired by age-old native flavours and western food style, our Chef has created a variety of delicious dishes.

Our menu is made up of a combination of flavors, with recipes and ingredients from across the North of Vietnam, the food tends to reflect its colder climate and historical cultural. In Vietnam, in terms of food, there are three distinct areas – the North, the Central and the South – each of which has its own climate, culture and food traditions.

With cutting edge decor, warm colors and artworks , dinning at the Rice Bistro is a whole new experience, revealing the many different facets of Vietnamese cuisine and its finest specialties from the North.

Utterly unique, from its decor to the quality of the cuisine. Have you tried it yet?

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